No one knows the millennials more than the proud millennial himself, Jonathan Yabut. Today, young and energetic Millennials (aka the generation Y born in the 1980s until mid-2000s) account for more than half of workforce in industries such as technology, manufacturing, and services. Millennials have been branded with so many labels and descriptions: they are emotionally immature, they change companies fast, and they are too self-entitled. Is your organization ready and able to cope? JY Consultancy & Ventures can help your managers and HR teams deliver an effective strategy in recruiting and developing tomorrow’s leaders.


  • Compensation and Benefit Analysis for millennials (recommended for BPO or creative industries)
  • Offline recruitment in youth-rich channels (ATL/BTL)
  • Digital or Social Media Recruitment: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Linked In
  • Strategy & Delivery of Internship or Management Training Programs


  • How to Manage the Millenial Workforce: A Workshop on Talent Development (highly recommended for Gen X executives with Gen Y direct reports)
  • “Why am I not promoted yet?”: A Leadership & Career Workshop for Gen Y Workers (highly recommended for next-gen leaders of a company)
  • Talent Recruitment & Employer Branding: A Digital Marketing Workshop for HR Professionals, Recruiters, and Headhunters
  • Advanced Linked-In Recruitment: Strategy and Tactics for Effective Talent Delivery