• From Grit to Great: Lessons from The Apprentice Asia


From Grit To Great: Lessons from The Apprentice Asia

Key Topics: Grit, Inspiration, “Conquering one’s dreams”, “Overcoming challenges in life”, Motivation, Passion, Competition, Dreams, Ambitions, The Apprentice Asia
Talk Duration: 1-3 hours

Known for his passionate boardroom speeches and team leadership, Jonathan takes us on his journey from being “the poorest kid” in school to dreaming and emerging as the first season winner of The Apprentice Asia. In this session, Jon shares his secret to winning the “world’s toughest job-interview”: not ultra-high IQ, not good looks, and not wealthy family background—it’s grit.

This topic is best for audiences in need of motivation and inspiration in achieving one’s goals in life, whether personal or business. This is the most sought topic from Jonathan and has been effectively tested to inspire students during career talks, employees during sales conferences, and executives of Fortune 500 companies.