JY Consultancy & Ventures is Asia’s leading provider of marketing and talent consultancy services to both startup and Fortune 500 companies in Asia. Founded in 2014 by Jonathan Yabut, JYCV operates in the markets of Malaysia, Singapore, and The Philippines with clients coming from powerhouse cities outside the region such as New York, Dubai, and Buenos Aires.

The company specializes in offering consultancy services to companies selling products and services to millennials, or companies whose employees are dominated by a millennial population.


Brand Strategy, Management and Execution

  • Market Landscape & Competition Analysis
  • Customer Insight Mining & Segmentation
  • Creation of brand personality, slogan and tagline
  • Business Model and Pricing Analysis

Digital Marketing Services

  • SEO, SEM, Display Advertising
  • Social Media Campaign Ideation & Execution
  • Facebook/Instagram/Twitter Marketing
  • Linked In Marketing (For B2B)

Traditional Marketing Services

  • Above-The-Line and Below-The-Line Campaigns
  • Advertising Partnerships and Collaborations
  • Consultation & Critique on brand slogan, product packaging and retail store experience


Note: All Training Workshops can be conducted as a 1-2 hour, Half-day, 1-Day or 2-Day sessions depending on client’s needs and time.

Inspiration & Motivation
1. From Grit To Great: Lessons from The Apprentice Asia *Best-seller topic for sales conferences and rallies*
2. What Winners Are Made Of: How To Sustain Victories in Times of Tough Competition
3. The Art of Ikigai: Matching your Life Purpose with your Career

Leadership & Influence
4. How to Manage the Millennials: A Workshop for Gen X Managers *Best-seller topic for Senior Executives and Leaders *
5. Leadership and Influence Course for Millennial Employees
6. The Art of Giving Feedback: Frameworks and Case Studies for Managers
7. Leadership Through Diversity: How to Manage A Multi-Generational and Multi-Cultural Workforce
8. The Science of Employee Engagement: Best Practices and Trends on Developing and Retaining High-Potential Talent

Communication & Storytelling
9. Say it Out Loud: How To Develop your Confidence & Public Speaking Skills*Best-seller topic for staff, mid-level managers and customer-facing employees *
10. The Science of Body Language: Tactics for Successful Negotiation, Presentation, and Selling
11. Write It Right: Business Writing Workshop for E-Mails, Presentations, and Digital Messaging
12. The Art of Story Telling and Story Selling: How to Present Winning Ideas and Pitches

Office Productivity & Time Management
13. Work Smart, Not Just Hard: How to Boost your Office Productivity *Best-seller topic for general corporate audience *
14. Project Management for Non-Project Managers: Tools and Frameworks for Organizing Teams, Tasks and Projects

15. The Next Big Thing: A Workshop on Innovating, Consumer Ideation, and Business Modelling for new products and services*Best-seller topic for commercial teams *
16. The Innovation DNA: How to Build A Culture of Innovation In Your Teams

Marketing, Branding and Sales
17. The Psychology of Marketing and Selling: Understanding the Rational and Irrational Behavior of Today’s Consumers*Best-seller topic for marketing and sales teams*
18. Marketing for Non-Marketers: An Immersion Course on Branding, Marketing and Advertising for Beginners
19. Make it Viral: Content Marketing for Brand Managers, Sales Executives and Entrepreneurs
20. Product Management

Digital, Social Media, and E-Commerce
21. How to Use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for Your Business *Best-seller topic for marketing and sales teams*
22. When Trolls Attack: Social Media Crisis and Online Reputation Management
23. Introductory Course on E-Commerce: How to Build, Launch, and Grow an Online Store
24. Online B2B Marketing: Strategies and Tactics for Linked In, E-Mail and Google Search

Employer Branding, Talent Management, and Recruitment
25. How to Use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for Talent Recruitment *Best-seller topic for HR Teams *
26. Employer Branding and Marketing for Talent Recruiters / HR Professionals
27. Advanced LinkedIn Marketing for Company Branding and Recruitment

Our partners and clients across Asia:

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