Since 2013, Jonathan has emerged as one of most sought motivational speakers of Asia for Fortune 500 and start-up companies. He is the youngest Asian in history invited to speak at the prestigious 2015 Asia HR Congress and the 2014 World Retail Congress. Invite Jonathan to inspire your sales force about the value of leadership or train your employees on how to speak confidently. Choose your category of topic below or request for a customized topic today! E-mail

Note:All topics except “From Grit to Great” can be conducted as a 1-2 hour, Half-day, 1-Day or 2-Day sessions depending on client’s needs and time.


  • From Grit to Great: Lessons from the Apprentice Asia(1 Hour)


  • Improve your Managerial Effectiveness: Leadership Course for Managers and Executives
  • Youth the Giant: How to Develop and Manage Millenial Talent (Recommended for Gen X and Baby Boomer executives)
  • Why Am I Not Promoted Yet?: A Leadership Workshop for Gen Y (Recommended for Gen Y employees being groomed as next-generation leaders)
  • Global Competence: Skills & Acumen Building for multicultural office workers


  • Say It Out Loud: How to Develop your Confidence & Public Speaking Skills
  • The Science of Body Language: A Practical Course for Successful Negotiation, Presentation and Selling


  • Work Smart, Not Hard: How to Boost your Office Productivity to the Extreme (featuring the highly-acclaimed, “Top 20 Digital Apps to increase your efficiency”)
Over 100 Companies, NGOs and universities engaged since 2013:
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Praises and Accolades for Jonathan Yabut:
“Jonathan’s journey from being a scholar in Manila to becoming the apprectice of Mr. Tony Fernandes is a beautiful story of grit. His talk about leadership kept our heads nodding.”J. Sabathier, Sales Leader, Google Malaysia


“I am a fan. Jonathan’s talk on managing social media crisis is an eye-opener and must-have for marketers.”Margot Torres, VP for Marketing, McDonald’s Philippines


“The Apprenctice Asia winner is so inspiring! Jon has moved young Singaporeans like me. I am thank ful for his career tips on bridging university life to corporate world. We need more Asian role models that make it big globally.”Valerie Tan, AIESEC, Singapore