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Jonathan shares 2021 Business Prospects with ANC

Motivational speaker, author and entrepreneur Jonathan Yabut sees the public to be more excited than fearful entering 2021, as they begin to adapt to new routines. Jonathan also sees live selling and more digitalized and delivery services booming this year.

Jonathan speaks at the 2020 Emirates Airlines Literature Festival

Held annually in Dubai, the Emirates Litfest is one of the most prestigious gatherings of authors around the world. In this interview, Jonathan talks about his inspirations behind his first best-selling book, “From Grit To Great”.

Philippines’ Best Work Spaces with Jonathan Yabut

In partnership with Rappler, Jonathan takes a tour of the Philippines’ first cashless office, the headquarters of Globe Telecom. We explore the benefits of using technology in enabling your employees to work smart, and not just hard.

The Entrepreneurship Journey of Jonathan Yabut with CNN

Jonathan shares his experiences as a millennial entrepreneur in this episode of CNN Philippines’, The Boardroom. As the managing director of JY Consultancy and Ventures, he also talks about the highs and lows of pursuing the millennial market in the consultation business.

Career Tips

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How To Enjoy Your Vacation Leave Without Stressing About Work

The holidays are coming! Enjoying your much-awaited leave requires preparation too. Here are some tips to help you minimize those calls, e-mails, and unexpected tasks. Remember, that in life—deciding what to do is as important as deciding what not to do. Good luck!

You Can't Please Everyone At Work

Not everyone's opinions will matter for your success. Some are meant to make you better, and some are meant to simply hurt you. Let go of your urge to please everyone who criticizes you. You're not pizza, you can't please everyone at work!

3 Signs You're Working For A Toxic Company

Has work become an everyday torture? Perhaps you're working for a toxic company that's worth avoiding or leaving. Here are some signs to help you identify. Remember that before you conclude, validate your feelings: be observant, ask for advice, and keep too much drama at bay.