Looking for a motivational speaker in the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, or rest of the world? Jonathan today is one of Asia’s most globally sought after motivational and marketing speaker for Fortune 500 companies. In a span of 3 years, he has spoken to over 200 organizations in Asia, USA, South America and Australia. Contact jonathanyabut@jycvasia.com to hire him for speakerships and media inquiries.

Schedule of Talks

April 13
Motivational Speaker: Private Event for Bank Client – Manila, Philippines

April 23
Motivational Speaker: Personiv Philippines – Manila, Philippines

April 24
Facilitator and Speaker: Ariva Academy – Project Management For HR Managers – Manila, Philippines

April 26
Facilitator and Speaker: Ariva Academy – Youth, The Giant: How to Manage & Develop the Gen Y/Millennials – Manila, Philippines

April 27
Facilitator and Speaker: Ariva Academy – Psychology of Marketing – Manila, Philippines