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From Grit To Great: The Journey To Becoming Asia’s Apprentice (eBook)

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From Grit To Great: The Journey To Becoming Asia’s Apprentice (eBook / PDF format)

Available for download anywhere in the world

This is the best-selling debut book of Jonathan Yabut with over 10,000 copies sold in Asia and translated in Bahasa and Vietnamese versions.

FROM GRIT TO GREAT is a delightful treat for aspiring students, millennial workers, and budding entrepreneurs of all ages looking for inspiration and motivation on how to “make it big.” It’s the book where business meets wit. Join Jonathan as he discusses the following topics:

FUEL YOUR SUCCESS FROM GRIT: What is Grit? How do you develop grit? Jonathan explains that you don’t need to become Einstein, a Richie Rich, or a royalty to succeed in life–what you need is grit.

BEHIND THE SCENES SPILLED: From bedroom to boardroom, Jonathan shares never-before-revealed thoughts and life lessons taken from Mr. Tony Fernandes and fellow candidates.

HACK THE CORPORATE WORLD: From working hard to working smart, get practical tips on how to climb the corporate ladder faster!

BE THE NEXT APPRENTICE: Aspiring to join The Apprentice Asia? Learn tips and tactics from the winner himself!

This is the e-book version. A paperback version is also available in this site.

Jonathan’s e-book is published as a PDF file. Once your payment is confirmed, you will receive a Google Drive link in your e-mail account that grants access to the e-book. Please note that the e-book is encrypted for exclusive use of the buyer and cannot be shared with others.

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