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Managing the Gen Y & Z Workforce (A Leadership Course)

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Do you find young talents as self-entitled and less committed to work? This course lays out research-backed perspectives on what drives the decision-making habits of the Gen Y & Z (i.e. clout, happiness, social purpose, and financial well-being). We connect these factors to their branded stereotypes in the corporate environment, e.g. overdependence on technology, volatile commitment to work, unrealistic threshold for mental wellness.

The objective is to provide a critical yet balanced view of how and why the Gen Z is viewed in such light and why it’s important for leaders to appreciate their perspective.

This online course is popularly taken by students together with another online course, “Leadership in the Hybrid Work Era”. Take the online course now for richer learning.

Course Outline:

  • Why Clout matters: Understanding how loyalty of Gen Y/Zs is connected to the company’s brand & prestige as their ‘corporate selfie’
  • Appreciating the differences in brain biology of the youth vs. adults
  • Embracing the mobile-first mindset of Gen Y/Z when making life decisions
  • Why is Quiet Quitting popular among the youth?: Understanding Gen Z’s definition of self-entitlement vs. self-worth
  • Managing your Unconscious Bias: How to engage young talents in cascading information and delegating tasks
  • The Art of Wordsmithing: Leveraging on Gen Y/Z-friendly choice of words when conducting appraisal and feedback sessions

 All participants will get the following:

  • ~1.5 hours of coaching & case simulations with Jonathan Yabut
  • Digital Certificate upon completion of online course
    Free 1 digital copy of Jon’s best-selling book: “From Grit To Great” (worth PHP 250)

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