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Managing Your Mental Wellness At Work – Jonathan Yabut Online Course Webinar

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As the society faces more setbacks and challenges in the age of digital transformation, individuals face more complex types of fears and worries that may push them to anxiety. But what is anxiety? How is it different from “stress”? Is it true that different people faces different levels of anxiety? This session aims to manage our misconception about anxiety and promote daily techniques on how achieve a sustainable way of managing it. Through case studies, examples, and data from renowned organizations and experts, the session aspires to achieve a participant’s perspective that anxiety can and should be managed as one’s individual and community responsibility.

All participants will get the following:
✔️ 1.5 hours of coaching & case simulations with Jonathan Yabut
✔️ Digital Certificate upon completion of online course
✔️ Free 1 digital copy of Jon’s best-selling book: “From Grit To Great” (worth PHP 250)

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