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Work Smart, Not Hard – Jonathan Yabut Online Course Webinar

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What defines our criteria for saying that someone is more productive than the other? Is it the volume or quality of output? The happiness derived from it? Or simply being able to meet the set expectations? In today’s world when time is the currency of success, managers and leader seek to find best ways of maximizing their employees to the fullest of their productivity. But how does one become more productive? This session shall discuss globally renowned frameworks and tactics on productivity. It will also discuss best practices of successful individuals and organizations in Asia and rest of the world.

At the heart of the session are case simulations and group exercises that will open the minds of participants on the many of ways of improving one’s productivity. By the end of the day, participants are expected to commit to the habit of always asking the question.

All participants will get the following:
✔️ 1.5 hours of coaching & case simulations with Jonathan Yabut
✔️ Digital Certificate upon completion of online course
✔️ Free 1 digital copy of Jon’s best-selling book: “From Grit To Great” (worth PHP 250)

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