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Less Text, More Visuals: How To Make Engaging Pitches & Presentations – Jonathan Yabut Online Course

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This exclusive online course is designed for corporate warriors who need to present and pitch for a living. In today’s modern world where visual learning is the mainstream way for digesting information, one should master how to convert a set of data into a visual story that audiences can relate to. If your job requires you to use PowerPoint or Canva, this is the perfect workshop to upskill the way you design, strategize, and deliver your stories to stakeholders and clients.

This course is also a personal favorite of Jonathan Yabut, with the obsession of guiding you on how to craft winning presentations. You will learn how to make your slides easier to digest with fewer words & clutter, but without compromising aesthetics. We will discuss the importance of using icons & symbols instead of text, the balance of color, the strategies of choosing the right graph or chart for your data, and the importance of presenting in 3’s,  To review the module outline, click HERE.

All participants will get the following:
✔️ Up to 1.5 hours of coaching & case simulations with Jonathan Yabut
✔️ Digital Certificate upon completion of online course
✔️ Free 1 digital copy of Jon’s best-selling book: “From Grit To Great” (worth PHP 250)

This online course includes multiple case simulations and exercises in which the student will be challenged to recreate presentations. While it is indicated that this course may finish in about ~1.5 hours, it is normal and likely that the student will finish the course for a minimum of 2 hours and maximum of 3 hours instead, if they choose to take on the case simulations.

If the student wishes to participate in the case simulations, they will need access to laptop/desktop, PowerPoint, Canva, or any software that can create presentations. This is a critical note to consider if the student plans to watching the online course through a smaller device like a smartphone. Nevertheless, participating in the case simulations is OPTIONAL and you may still enroll if your only plan is to watch the video.

Prefer face-to-face workshops instead? We got you covered! We also offer an onsite workshop for this topic. Register and read details here:

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